Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Park

*NOTE* - I Added some pictures to a few of the earlier posts where I had previously forgotten them, so be sure to scroll down and take a look!

This afternoon the boys and I met our friends Danielle, Ella and Ben Castanza at Vaughn Road Park to play. The kids had an absolute blast, and Zack dissolved into a two-year old temper tantrum when we had to leave... at least that means he enjoyed himself !! I tell you, Zack goes NON-STOP and doesn't even "check-up" as Danielle put it when he goes to do something... he was scaling the "big-kid" playground equipment like Spider-man, and was very sure-footed in his climbing. Ella, who is much more cautious, kind of looked at him like he was crazy, but then once he had reached the summit, she usually decided that if a boy could do it, she could too.
Here is a picture of Zack going down the "swirly slide":
and here is a picture of Ella in "Jail":

You know, it's really fun to watch them bask in sheer delight while enjoying the simpler things, like a swing going way up high, or the stomach-dropping feeling you get when you go down the slide, or rocks. Just the plain old rocks they use on the playground to absorb shock when a kid goes flying off the big slide. Those kids get so excited about the rocks. And of course, Zack wanted to hug every kid he saw on the playground, which did not go over well each time. At least he's friendly and loving... it's just painful to watch him get rejected sometimes... and I know that will only get worse as he grows older.
The two Bens sat in their strollers and had a blast "talking" to each other. They were very animated and laughed at each other the whole time. What's fun about this is that my husband, Zack and Danielle's husband, Sam, were best buddies growing up from the time they were very small, and now their sons will grow up together. Here is a picture of them chatting: