Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Biloxi.. Sick Kids (Again) and more!

Biloxi was a complete blast! Zack and I had so much fun just being "us" again and doing adult things.... like playing craps and eating supper without being interrupted to fetch a fork 6,000 times for little Zack. I played a new table game called "Mississippi Stud" and failed miserably, but still had fun doing it. We enjoyed getting to talk the whole way down and back, too. The boys had a good time with their "Sity" and cooperated well, at least that's what they told us :) It's good for them to stay with their grandparents and gain a little bit of independence from us, I think. Sity brought over lots of coloring books and Capri Suns so spirits were high around here! Little Ben pouted when we got home and wouldn;t look at me for leaving him, but that lasted for all of 5 minutes. He's a softie.
Well Mandie came over yesterday to hang out with me and the small sick people and brought her stethoscope to cheer them up! Here is a picture Zack enjoying it:

We have plans (Husband and I) to do something fun with Mandie and Jake Thursday night, so that should be great, as we haven't done something with them in forever!!
We took the boys to the doctor this morning to make sure they aren't coming down with something serious (the fever virus went away, and now they have the nasty upper respiratory junk that every kid in town has right now) and it turns out that she thinks their immune systems were weak after the fever virus and their allergies just got the best of them. They keep waking up at night hacking like veteran smokers and we have to soothe them to make them fall asleep... needless to say, we aren't sleeping well around here! Zack's thumbnail on his sucking thumb is falling off (I think it got a lovely fungus) so I also got the doctor to look at that, and she said to just leave it alone, and that he will lose the nail, but it will grow back. I sure hope so!
Oh, and Ben is now pushing himself to a sitting position, has learned to clap, and has tried to pull himself up a few times! Here is a video of some of his latest tricks!

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