Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Down, One to go

Okay, so Ben seems to be back to his usual self!! Crawling up a storm, Cooing like crazy, Eating like a piggie...But the story is different for Zack. He is one grumpy little man... screaming at me, little Ben, his toys... smashing blueberries then crying because all of his food is smashed up... horrible stuff! He even threw Doggie, his favorite stuffed pal, across the room AND LAUGHED. Well, at least he's napping now. Hopefully, he will wake up in a better frame of mind! Their Gigi (my mom) came over this morning and brought Little Zack a treat ( he has not drinking much liquid, which he desparately NEEDS) which was a coke Icee! There has never been a smaile as big as the one he gave when he started slurping it... until he got a brain freeze... then he started morphing into the incredible shrieking hulk. We brought the kids Pop-up tent into the den today (this has been an "I'll do ANYTHING if you stop whining day") and Little Ben THROUGHLY enjoyed himself. You can see that here:
I am now taking a break, as both of them are sleeping, and oh how I love the sound of silence. If anyone has any great ideas on how to make a little extra money, let me know! I am looking to make a little spending money for us! Also, if anyone has any money-saving ideas, let me know...I am already cloth-diapering, making Ben's baby-food, couponing and making our menus in advance! I will write More later!

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