Thursday, August 14, 2008

Randoms Thoughts And Hurricane Zack

You know, I have been thinking... as a Mom, I have done some things, espcially here lately that I thought I would never do as an adult... When the days has been chaotic, and the noise hasn't stopped all day long, I take pleasure in making noise in the kitchen by banging pots and pans around.... it is truly a great form of stress relief, and I have NO idea why it is so refreshing... the kids stop whining and look at me like I'm nuts, and maybe I am, but dangit it feels good to bang pots and pans around. Another thing I caught myself enjoying this morning was Sesame Street. I was holding little Zack in my lap, and I was shocked to realize that we were BOTH very entertained by the Big Bird's Birdkateers meeting and The Letter of the Day ("O" ... We both kept putting our arms over our head in the shape of an O when it came on the screen).... It also never ceases to amaze me how nice it is to take a nap in the middle of the day and it surprises me that sometimes the most peaceful thing in the world is to rock your baby in a quiet room while they unwind to go to sleep.
So we all know that Little Zack is a Thumbsucking addict... it's not just a naptime or night-time habit.... he enjoys its soothing qualities all throughout the day... that is until yesterday when I noticed that his thumb was about to fall apart from overuse. Seriously, it looks like he might have an infection or a fungus of sometype growing under the nail, which is lifting up and trying to fall off his thumb. I called the doctor, who advised me to wrap it up like a mitten, so that he couldn't get to it, but I decided to try a different tactic.... Nasty Stuff application on the thumb. I bought a bottle of nail-biters be-gone and painted his thumb with it... let me tell you, he tasted that thing ONE TIME last night and I havent seen him use it as a pacifier since. It was bone dry when he got up this morning. I was thinking maybe he would switch to the other thumb, but I havent seen evidence of that, either. Could we have broken the habit this easily??? I'm still not sure that he's done with it, but I will keep you posted.
I am posting pictures of what my husband called "Hurricane Zack". Our Den that, which I will add, was completely clean this morning, now is a completely wasteland of toys, shoes, sippe cups, pillows, random kitchen utensils, and stuffed animals. Oh yeah and BOOKS .... books are EVERYWHERE.

He has also discovered the "fun" in using ANYTHING as a step to reach things that are too high for him, and taking his play broom (Thanks Sity haha) and trying to knock pictures off the wall. Seriously. NOT EXAGERRATING. I have done everything I can think of that's not cruel and inhumane to teach him to stop doing this....but he WON'T. I keep thinking it's the age, but I think it's the gender and the personality (he got my relentless tenacity and ability to be annoying at all costs) that makes him do these things. Crazy. Pray for me, Saint Monica (Patron Saint of Mothers with difficult kids).
Here is a great Picture from yesterday of Zack enjoying his Breakfast Yogurt:
So Zack and I are packing our bags and leaving town for a much-needed, overnight getaway to Biloxi tomorrow. He arranged for his parents to come take care of the kids, and I feel like I am writing an instruction manual on what to do with the kids for them to refer back to. I know they won't need all of the information (they did, after all, raise two well-adjusted, sucessful, happy kids themselves) but it makes me feel better to write it out, so I am doing it. Kind of like I am therapeutically writing it down to relinquish my control and not worry about everything while we are gone. I cannot wait to be alone in the car with my husband for 3 hours both ways, listen to music, eat great food, drink much alcohol (everytime I have been to a casino in the past two years I have been with child) and in general do what ever we feel like. We were going to see Jeff Foxworthy but tickets cost wayyy too much! We will be seeing Bill Engvall next month though, so it's all good.

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