Monday, August 11, 2008


Oh my GOSH the past few days have been awful! Ben woke us up all night Friday just wanting to be held, so I knew SOMETHING was wrong...but I went to the Footprints Golf Tournament, which was a HUGE success, by the way, only to get a call from Susan (who was watching the boys) that little Ben was burning up and wouldn't eat. I came home and took his temperature and it was 101. I called the doctor and she said she needed to see him... I was betting on an ear infection. After running several tests and evaluating him, she decided he has a fever virus akin to Roseola (he had also broken out in a measle-like rash) and that it would last for 3 to 4 days. Yikes. We started doing the advil and tylenol routine and trying to get him to drink pedialyte. He slept decently that night (THANK GOODNESS) but when we woke up Sunday morning, Little Zack was running a 103 temperature. Great. TWO KIDS WITH THE VIRUS. Yesterday was AWFUL for the most part....much screaming and wailing and knashing of teeth (or gums in Ben's case)but thankfully they were in a manageable state that afternoon because I had scheduled a Spa Party at my house! The doctor said this was a kids only kind of virus (that adults wouldn't get it) so I Lysoled the house from one end to the other, and Zack took the kids fishing at Dadoo's house (Sity aka Gerri came to the Spa party!). Those boys had the best time down there!Both of them got to touch the fish that were being caught...and little Zack did much cheering when one was was brought to the surface. Our ladies only Spa Party went great! We all got to do relaxation exercises while listening to soft music and be pampered by Deidre Ceman, the consultant. I also had wine spritzers, so those added to the fun as well! Well I had better go tend to things! I will write more later.

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