Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting Ready To Go!

WHEW. Getting ready to leave your kids for a weekend is so crazy. I have made about a million lists, laid things out to make it easier and made a bunch of Ben's baby food so he will have a ready supply (he eats so much, sometimes I think I'm making it for TWO kids!). Thankfully, Zack's at an age where his instructions are easier.... basically feed him anything that won't send him on a two-week sugar high and that won't eat him first. I have been doing laundry and TRYING to make my house look like it's not a complete wasteland, although sometimes I feel like it is one.
I think I'm finally going to bite the bullet and start Zack's potty-training next week. He is wetting through every diaper I put on him (cloth OR disposable). I know he has control of his bladder because if I tell him to stop when he's wetting the floor, he can stop. He has also gone on the potty numerous times... he just happens to think it's funny if he sits on the potty for 10 minutes (smiling all the while) and refuses to go, then stands up and pees on the floor. How do you combat THAT??? Any ideas or tips are welcome. VERY welcome.
Can I just say that our dogs are escape artists. They have figured out how to back-up and barrel through the prefabricated boards on their dog pen. I have been out there multiple times re-nailing boards, then 10 minutes later, I see a black tail dart by the window, and Jack is slinging little Zack's Bubblemower around the yard. Insanity. Sometimes I feel like it's a 3-ring circus over here!!!! Am I absolutely crazy for eventually wanting more kids? Sometimes I wonder...
Today is the Holy Day of the Blessed Virgin's Assumption. Being that Mary is my patron saint, today is very important to me, and I am wondering when I will be able to go to church.... being that I can't drag my three ring circus to mass all by myself. Who knows... maybe we can go in Biloxi Tonight. Zack would just LOVE that :)

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Shay said...

Didn't know you were going out of town. I hope you and Zack have a great trip!