Friday, August 8, 2008

First Post

There have been so many things going on around our house lately...especially with the boys! Zack is now 22 months old and Ben will be 8 months tomorrow. TIME FLIES. Zack is saying more words every day, climbing on everything, opening doors he shouldn't, turning lights off and on, then off again, and in general, becoming a very loving, independent little person with a great sense of humor and energy. Ben is crawling (well, it's really more like a scooching or creeping...but whatever it is HE IS FAST) as well as sitting independently and bounces violently on his back (in time, nonetheless) when we put on any kind of music, especially Led Zeppelin. I am so blessed to have the wonderful husband that I do, and two adorable, loving children.

I have recently gotten involved with the Footprints Ministry through Heritage Baptist ( no, I'm not the lone Catholic in the group!) and have never gotten so much satisfaction in helping with a project as I have in working with this great group of people. So much good is being done through this ministry, and we are hosting a Golf Tournament tomorrow at Lagoon Golf Course (nearly 140 golfers will be there! Hooray!) and it is clear that God truly has had a hand in this work. I have to be there at 6AM, but it will be totally worth it!!! Just pray that it's not too hot tomorrow!

We went back to playgroup this week for the first time in FOREVER ( it has been really hard to go places because the boys nap at opposite times from one another, and they HAVE to have their naps... but it's slowly getting better as Ben gets older) and had a blast. It was so nice to see everyone and let Zack play with all of his friends... although he did insist on opening the backdoor even though we told him not to, and he nearly led a mass exodus of toddlers into the backyard... much yelling and screaming resulted as the kids were heartbroken that we made them come back inside.

I am hosting a spa party at my house Sunday, and thankfully my sweet Mother- in Law and Susan are coming over tomorrow to help with the kids and to help clean so people won;t run screaming from my house... I try to keep it clean, but with two kids under two, the work never ends!

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Love it! Look at those little studs!