Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where to begin....

Whew! The past few days have been CRAZY! The weather this weekend pretty well kept us inside, so the boys (and I) were getting serious cabin fever! Neither one of the boys have been wanting to sleep very well at night, so Zack and I have been tried from dealing with them, but then yesterday, the unthinkable happened...... NEITHER ONE OF THE BOYS TOOK AN AFTERNOON NAP. Oh-My-Gosh. They were screaming and disagreeable... I just wanted to run away! But thankfully, we all survived. Their Daddy watched them and put them to bed last night so that I could go to a Bible Study at St James Methodist with my friend, Shay Forbus! Let me tell you, that was the best Bible Study I have been to EVER.... the theme is Letting God make an Impact in your life.... and the biggest point last night was that it is not our responsibility to maintain the level of intimacy in our relationship with God.... we just have to be AVAILABLE. I am very guilty of being "too busy" to listen.... I walk around my house nonstop being busy and don't take time to really listen to what it is that God wants me to do. I needed that message last night like I need a million dollars.... priceless. Also, everyone keep your fingers crossed on this one, but I may have found a job writing with Montgomery Parents. I spoke with Jason Watson, the publisher, last week, and he says he thinking of starting a monthly segment called "Mom's Eye On Business" and is considering me to write it. Basically, I would be spotlighting Montgomery Businesses and their child-friendliness as well as what they have to offer. It would be a 3-page or so spread each month which is HUGE exposure for me as a writer. This is truly a prayer answered, whether it works out or not, because it shows me that there are things out there that I CAN do from home! I am also going to start doing spa prties in people's homes, so let me know if you are interested!
Zack got very excited this morning on our daily walk because a butterfly landed on him! And it didn't fly away immediately either... it just sat there. He was in amazement. He also got to see a gaggle of geese fly overhead and he tried to "honk" like they did for the rest of the walk. It is so incredible to get to watch him see these amazing things for the first time that we as adults take for granted, and it has made me appreciate their beauty all over again. Here is a picture of the boys in their stroller before a walk:
We are in the midst of trying to plan a 2nd Birthday party for Zack, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know! So far, I think we are going to buy a bunch of big bouncy balls and put them in the backyard and let the kids have a blast with those.... but then again that could turn into Toddler Dodgeball ( they will throw ANYTHING at ANYONE) so I'm not sure that's the best idea. We have also entertained the notion of putting multiple sprinklers in the backyard to let the kids play in and who knows!
Little Ben has pulled himself up a couple of times this week.... this month has truly been full of milestones for him. He pulled himself up and was so excited he started to clap for himself and fell down again... buthe didn't cry! Tough little boys, they are.

Here is a Picture of little Ben playing in the tub:


Shay said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed bible study!

MaNDY and JAke said...

If you ever need a 3rd party for the bible study i would love to come. I think that would be a great thing for me right now!