Friday, August 22, 2008

Ben's Coming Along!

Yesterday was a marvelous day for us, and Ben accomplished several little milestones! First of all, he had Macaroni and Cheese that I made for his supper... I made it for Zack and I to eat at lunch, then saved Ben some and put it in the food processor. He loved it! I also gave him some Gerber "Puffs" to sample, just to see if he could pick them up and get them into his mouth... AND HE DID IT! ON THE FIRST TRY! I was so proud of him, and he was proud of himself...clapping like crazy! I also took the boys for a ride in their red wagon yesterday, and Ben did GREAT! He sat up and rode around like a little professional. (A professional wagon rider, that is.) I also took the boys to their first nail salon yesterday (their Daddy LOVED that) because I was desparately in need of an eyebrow waxing (I was starting to look like a cross between Unibrow and Sasquatch) and they behaved BEAUTIFULLY! They were very impressed by the cheesy decor and lights that were everywhere. It's nice to be able to finally take them on a few personal errands and not have to wait until I can get a babysitter to do so.
Ben has also recently started sitting well enough for me to put him in the Big People bathtub. He LOVES the bath! Here is a picture of him from last night:
Zack and I went to eat at Applebee's with Mandie and Jake last night and had a great time, but the service was AWFUL. I seriously have not had service THAT BAD in a long time... we were there for 2 hours, and Zack had to go to the bar to get a second drink, because our waitress kept sitting down to watch TV. Unbelievable.
Ben is also learning to stand while holding on to something, although he is not pulling up yet. Here is a picture of him holding on to the couch!

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