Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Adventures in Pottytraining

Okay, so I got completely and totally sick of cleaning up after little Zack everytime he wet his pants, because that kid can pee through ANY kind of diaper, cloth or disposable, leaving a huge puddle on the floor. So, at the advisement, of two or three friends, bought the E-book on 3-Day Pottytraining, and let me tell you, Zack is making HUGE strides! He is having very, very few accidents now, and tells me when he needs to go "tee-tee". He looks so cute, running around in his little Elmo Underwear... I mean BIG-BOY PANTS! And he is TREMENDOUSLY proud of himself. It makes me so happy to see the joy of accomplishment on his face.... that's something that noone can give you... you have to earn it, and I'm glad he is already learning that huge lesson. He has a little toilet seat that fits on top of the normal toilet seat and a step-stool to climb up, although I am still having to help him with that part. If it were up to him, I think he would try to stand on the pottyseat to use the bathroom. That's a toddler boy for you! Since we started training him Saturday morning, he has not wet the bed at all during his 3-hour naps, and has only wet the bed once each of the nights... this morning's accident happened just as I was coming in the room at 6:30 AM and he was trying to get out of the bed and to the door. If he continues to wet the bed at night, we may do "overnight pants" for awhile, but I think he is really starting to get the hang of "holding it".
We went to Zack and Gerri's house for Labor Day yesterday and had a great time! The kids had a b;ast playing with Sity,Dadoo, Aunt Mandie and Uncle Jake, Susie and Kelly. Dadoo even took Zack for a ride on the golf cart and let him steer!!! And Little Zack also used the potty at their house, so that's big stuff! I have my Bible Study tonight as well as a meeting with my Spa Party ladies, so I hope that goes well! I will add some pictures from this weekends adventures in a bit!

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