Friday, September 12, 2008

Flying High and Right On By

This week has FLOWN BY! Little Zack has gone to preschool twice this week and loved every minute of it. He has been bringing home various art projects, and luckily, no diseases thus far. His teachers told me that he is adjusting well and enjoying the other kids. I am so glad that we made the decidion to go ahead and send him, as I know he needed time away from me to grow on his own a bit...and the break has been very helpful for me as well in terms of getting things done, and it's nice to be able to give Ben more one on one time. Ben had his 9 month checkup this week, and got glowing marks from the doctor! He weighed 21 and a half pounds, and was 30 inches long, which means he is in the 75th percentile for weight and the 95 percentile for his height... my tall lean boy! He was very puzzled by the alarm installation as it was going on yesterday, although he didn't cry when they set it off to test it, THANKFULLY! He has slept better the past couple of nights now that we are giving him a tiny bit of liquid Melatonin, per the doctor's recommendation, to help him sleep. Ben is also pulling up EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING... it won't be long until he is walking up a storm!
I am so excited, because I get to go to the My Kids Attic Consignment Sale today and buy the boys their winter clothes!!! I think it will be a bit of a madhouse, but I'm sure I will find plenty of great things for them.
This evening, Zack and I are having an AWESOME date night! We get to go see Bill Engvall and have supper together! I think the concert will be hilarious, and it will be nice to get away together for an evening.

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