Monday, September 8, 2008


Finally, Ben stopped his week long sabotage on his parents' sleep. Starting Saturday night, he didn't wake up a single time... I attribute it to his Sity and Dadoo playing with him Saturday night and getting him good and worn out! He was having the best time with Sity... she kept putting her finger between his lips so it made that virbo sound when he would talk.... HE LOVED IT! He got mad when she stopped! We have been busy around here trying to get our house in shape for Zack's birthday party, which I need to finish planning anD send the invites ASAP. I cannot believe my big boy will be TWO this month... and his little brother will be 9 months old tomorrow... where does the time go??? Ben is pulling up on EVERYTHING now... so cute but scary too, because that means he has access to things he didn't previously have the reach for, and also, I will have 2 walking kids!!! YIKES! I knew it would come eventually, but he is EARLY. Zack was slower with these things, and I think that was good at the time because I was pregnant and it would have been even harder to deal with at the time. The boys are down for their afternoon naps at the moment, and I am going to get some Cha Cha Guide work done (I answer questions online for money) and snooze a bit myself!

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