Monday, September 29, 2008


Wow Last week flew by so fast that I didn;t even have a chance to write about Little Zack's Birthday Party! It was a marvelous occasion, with so many of his little friends in attendance. Jake and Zack made a huge sandpile in the backyard, and all of the kids had a ball playing with all of the sand toys and bouncy balls. And of course, playing on the swingset! They were all taking turns going down the slide and swinging on the swings. Then Sity (Gerri) starting blowing bubbles for all of the kids to chase and pop! It was a veritable Toddler wonderland. The cake from cake designs was INCREDIBLY beautiful as well as tasty... it featured a scene with kids playing in a sandbox, complete with three-dimensional icing people and sugary glitter to make the sand look more realistic. Those kids (and the adults!) tore that cake UP.... not much left at all! I caved and had to have a piece... or two.... which was not in compliance with my gluten-free diet, but hey, it tasted good and I only felt yucky for a day afterward. Small price to pay for sugary goodness on your oldest child's second birthday. He received a huge amount of great presents (which I have yet to write the thank yous for...I mean ZACK has yet to write the thank yous for) and we have been slowly doling them out to him so he will enjoy the excitement for longer. All in all, it was a fairly stress-free party and everyone had a great time.
For a good bit of last week, I was planning my 1st Beauticontrol Spa, which I held at my home. There is so much that goes into starting a small business! I want to do this right and to be effective, and make money for our family... a little extra spending money would be good too! It's a nice chance to have something for myself, and spend time with other ladies! The spa was yesterday, and went really well. Julie Lopez and Amy Sadler came, and although I was expecting more people than that, we had a BLAST and Julie decided to book a party! So I am headed in the right direction, at least!!! If anyone wants me to do a spa for them, they are so much fun and I would be happy to do so! I have another spa this coming Saturday, at my house again, starting at 3 o'clock. If you want to come, just let me know!
I went to my 1st Women of Holy Spirit meeting this week, and it went well. It was nice to meet so many ladies from our parish that I did not know, and it sounds like we will have a year filled with many fun activities!
Little Ben will have his 9 month pictures made this week....and he now has his 1st tooth!

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Tracy and TJ Williford said...

Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday. I was not feeling so hot. Feeling much better today, but my ankles are still pretty swollen. I read somewhere that I need to get more calcium and excersize. Hope it went well!