Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yesterday we had a blast taking Ben and Zack to Fire Station #3 (Thanks to Uncle Jake for setting this up for us!) as part of Ben's birthday celebration!! Although Ben was a bit nervous at first, by the end of the time spent there, he was running around and climbing on trucks like he owned the place! Zack V took to the place immediately and was letting the firemen (who were SO friendly and patient) help him in and out of the trucks, pushing every button he could, and opening and shutting the truck doors. He even got to put on the jacket and Fireman's Hat! We tried to get Ben to put it on, but he was still nervous at that point! Their little friend Ava Grace joined them at the fire station and they all had such a great time. The adults had fun too :)
Then we came back to the house for cake and pizza and the opening of presents. So much fun! I will post pictures in just a little while.... I'm going to go sneak a run in before the kids get up from naptime, while Zack is home. Wish me luck! I will be starting Week Two of training for my 5K!!!

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Tracy Williford said...

so glad you are back! how are you?