Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Okay Okay Okay

Forgive me! It has been FOREVER since I last posted, and I only have early pregnancy exhaustion and my loopy depression situation ( had to go off my meds when I found out I was pg) to blame!!! Thankfully I am starting to feel better, Praise God for this!!! I have also realized that there are things I can do daily to help myself feel better and not get quite as down.... like taking a shower and getting fixed up for the day before the boys even get up from their beds.... and making myself eat breakfast. May sound like small things, but trust me, when you feel that cruddy, even those things are a struggle! I have given up steak (again) for Lent so of course, my pregnancy cravings are making me want steak....and chocolate pudding.....but not together!! The boys are doing magnificently except for the massive cold they both picked up at the YMCA childwatch (why is it that when I'm trying to do something good for myself, my children have to suffer!) but they are in good spirits even though they're both hacking like lifelong smokers. Ben, who is about to be 15 months old, which is just so crazy to me, now RUNS all over the place and instigates wrestling matches as well as hugging wars with Little Zack, who I must say, is incredibly patient with his little brother. Ben reminds me of Elmyra off of the cartoon Tiny Toons who would "love her animals to death" .... he latches on to Zack and won't let go....but his little face is so peaceful and happy you know he means well. Zack is now talking up a storm (finally) and repeating things I shouldn't say.... I have to get better about what I say!!! I'm in the process of learning to knit, thanks to my fabulous friend Jocelyn, who is a Queen Knitter. I am finishing my 2nd child's scarf and about to embark on the journey of hat making for the boys. I also need to get fabric for the boy's Easter outfits!

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Tracy and TJ Williford said...

hey!! i am fianlly a person again! Have you found out the sex of the baby? Call me!